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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

20 May 2010

PhoTo/MeMoRY/NoTe BoARd

{DaY 15}
As part of my "craft room makeover" I was hoping to find a place to keep my photos, pattern pieces and ideas. I would say "inspirations" but Sweet Hubby insisits on mocking that word. I happen to LoVE that word but so goes it.
I had, what I thought was, the BRiLliAnT idea of using a ceiling as the backing. My bedroom at home had a drop ceiling and my parents had spare tiles in a closet so I stole one and tried it out. It worked wonderfully! {and then I found out, looking online, that I was not the first to have the idea of using a ceiling tile so this is hardly a "KrYstLE OrIGinAL"!
Anyway... here is my totally unoriginal photo/memory/note/INsPiRAtiON board!

WHaT YoU NeEd:- ceiling tile
- quilt batting {an old towel or fleece will due
... I used fleece cause I had extra lying around}
-Staple Gun or Hot Glue Gun
- Ribbon
- Main Fabric
- Buttons
- Pencil
- Needle and Thread
- Long Ruler
- Drill {optional}

OnE: using a long ruler, mark and draw where you want to put your ribbon being sure to carry the line around the edge and onto the back because you'll cover up your lines next.
Optional: drill two holes on either side of intersecting lines for easier sewing on buttons. {average strength needles should go through the tile without holes without problem}
TwO: cut batting/fleece and main fabric to size {about 8" wider and longer than the tile}

THrEe: pull raw edges tightly towards the center of the back of the tile and staple.
{depending on the length of your staples, they may not hold well so you may want to consider longer staples or hot glue}

FoUr: using the lines you drew ahead as a reference, staple/glue one end of the ribbon onto the back of the ceiling tile, wrap it tightly over the front of the board and staple/glue it to the back of the board again.

FiVe: keep going till all your ribbons are secured

SiX: using the holes you drilled, sew buttons on to your intersecting points. for added security, add buttons on to your edges.
{unfortunetly I ran out of daylight so the final isn't a great photo, thankfully bad pictures don't mean bad projects. it's in my "craft area" and works great!}

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