He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

07 September 2010

Hardly Perfect {an honest post}

When creating posts for a blog it is natural to make sure you put the "best of you" out there. {i.e. use photo editing software to "pretty up" your pictures, declutter before taking photos of your home, not posting about the huge fight you just had with your husband or the disciplining you just had to do owith your naughty child.} However, sharing only the good is only sharing a portion of reality. As much as I don't mind others thinking I have things all together, that's not exactly the truth. To be clear...the moments of our day/life that are caught through pictures are real. My kids actually do smile because they're happy as are Hubs and I. But my house is certainly not always clean. Dinner isn't always made and when it is, it isn't always good. My laundry is not always done. Sometimes Hubs runs out of undershirts and underwear. My kids are not always well behaved. I DO NOT have it all figured out. I don't always feed my kids healthy food. Sometimes they get cookies, and worse, fast food! Sometimes I am frustrated, angry, impatient and just plain ugly. Sometimes, to finish a project to share, I'm up till all hours of the night because I feel an obligation to myself to finish. Sometimes I only take pictures of the parts of my projects that look pretty and leave the tears, stains and miscellaneous mishaps out of the frame. I don't share my "crafting fails".
So in the spirit of being genuine and honest... 

I took a day off from all work today. I didn't pick up. I didn't sweep up. I didn't put away the folded clothes and I didn't fold more. I didn't make the bed. I didn't put lunch's leftovers away. I may have left two used diapers on the bathroom floor. I didn't work on any projects. Instead, I had a cup of coffee and watched a movie with Hubs while the kiddos napped. I pushed the baskets out of the way just enough to see the screen. That's it. And it felt good. 
Tomorrow morning I may not feel the same, but for now, I'm doing okay. 

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