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15 May 2010

CraFTeR's IRoNiNg BoARd CoVEr

{DaY 11}

I know, I know... a bigger/better ironing board?! But this is one of the first steps in making my very own "Ma-Worthy" craft room. It's a "Ma-Inspired" ironing board for bigger projects like quilts, clothing and it's also great as an extra work area.

{By the way, this is a new sew project}

WhaT YoU'lL NeeD:
- 60"x22"x 1/2" Plywood {unless you have a crazy shaped ironing board, this size will do}
- 2 Towels OR Thick Quilt Batting {enough to cover board, this one took a little over 1 beach towel}
- Staple Gun

- 8 to 10 - 3/4", #8 Screws
- 40 to 50 - #8 Washers
- Fabric {68"x30" piece OR 2 yards}
- Angle Iron {this is used to keep the board from sliding around and helps keep the board from sagging over time} ** I purchased two 8' pieces of aluminum sheetrock corners and doubled them up for thickness rather than buying the angle iron. The angle iron is about $9 for 4 feet and the aluminum is $1.48 for 8'. You do the math.
- Means of Cutting Angle Iron {I used tin snips on the aluminum pieces}

HoW To dO iT!

1. Lay towel over top of the board, flip over and staple the towel tightly to the board {trim extra towel for a cleaner finish}

2. Lay fabric over top of the board, over the towel, flip the board over, pull tight and staple. Trim edges.

3. Lay board fabric side down and place ironing board upside down on top and center.

4. Mark for your angle iron on sides and ends of board for a snug but not too tight fit {or you could cheat like I did and just screw the angle irons on while the board is in place}

{It helps to have your very own handy-man for this part}

5. Place 5 washers on each screw before screwing in the angle iron {one screw for each end of the four pieces}
6. Flip ironing board over, put on top and ta-da...

UsE aNd ABuSe TilL yOU NeEd AnOThEr ONe!

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