He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

18 August 2014

My Secrets To A Great "Boy Party"

Our oldest, CJ, is turning 6 on Wednesday.

To celebrate, we had a "boy party", per his request. 
(You'll note in the pictures that two girls were present. One is CJs sister, Miss Mak, the other is a friend to play with Miss Mak when the boys inevitably ganged up on her.)

When it came to activities for the day CJ only asked that they play Legos and wrestle. 
I found the request strange and also figured those two things alone were not enough to keep the crew busy for three hours so I added a few things of my own. 
The results were rather low-key but still a lot of fun so I thought I'd pass along some experiential wisdom gathered today...
Step 1: Have plenty of water on hand. If you mix dirt with that water, even better!
Step 2: Be on guard. You may or may not get wet.
Step 3: Water your newly seeded grass during the party. This provides unintended but long lasting entertainment.
Step 4: Bury gummy worms under a mound of whipped cream and send them digging using only their mouths.

Step 5: Expect some confusion about your WANTING the kids to get messy.
"It's okay to get dirty, bud, mom's not here."
"But I don't know how!!"

 Step 6: Hope for at least one clear winner.
Step 7: Also anticipate that some weirdos may not enjoy whipped cream or gummy worms and request that they provide the "in-game-entertainment". This guy gladly  did so with his "on-demand" burping.
Step 8: (Not pictured) Have your laundry room ready and waiting to do one load during the party.
Step 9: Provide Legos and be delighted when the party-goers give you a chance to clean up as they quietly exercise their little engineering minds.
 Step 10: Purchase at least two bottles of Diet Coke and a pack or two of Mentos.
And finally...
Step 11: End the party with a round of "arm-farts" that are done with such vigor that everyone's faces turn purple.
You're welcome. 


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