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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

11 September 2013

Finally! A Favorite!

So if you look to the right... yup, over there... by my picture... you'll see that I noted that I don't have favorites.
Well... that may not be completely true anymore.
My dad has told me on many occasions that
"You don't change as you get older, you just become more of who you already are."
Well apparently I'm getting old because I have finally been able to weed through the huge variety of design styles that I sincerely appreciate and come to THE one!
The Modern Farmhouse style is for me! 
I've always had a love for all the individual details that make up this down to earth and practical style.
Actually, its practicality and simplicity are what I love most!
I love that it is always so warm and inviting as if to say "Welcome. You're home now".
I love that it's uncomplicated and straight to the point.
This design style appears to put the most important of things first
...conversation and relationship...
the meal and those with whom you love to share it.
It facilitates experience and is not, in itself, an end but a means to it.
To put it simply, if it makes me wish I was slowly sipping a tall, shimmering glass of iced tea or snuggling with a steaming dark roast coffee... I'm home.
The design  and architecture is all meant to enhance life and not distract from it.
Yes, sometimes there's wallpaper and, yes, sometimes that wallpaper is gorgeous!
It never seems to take itself too seriously.
Occasionally it hints at the industrial...
and often reminds me of a 1930's school room.
Natural finishes are EVERY.WHERE.
...such as black steel roofs, stained wood doors, butcher block, galvanized steel, and leather. Oh my!
There is no shortage of beautifully rich wood floors...
and horizontal boards.
The white may seem boring to some but I adore the crisp, unadulterated ambiance.
It is the neutrality of it all that lends itself, as a host, to any moment you wish to celebrate.
It leaves loads of room for personal style!

I believe that beauty can easily be lost in the noise of most other design styles but in Modern Farmhouse Design it is center stage.
I could stare at these for days! 
So now I ask... what do you think?
Do you think it cold and institutional? Boring and lacking personality?
Maybe it's just right for you? Does it make you long for the rolling hills of Pennsylvania? The fertile valleys of Virginia? The unending plains of Oklahoma?
Oh, sweet Virginia, here I come!

house photo : kitchen island : kitchen island 2 : kitchen island 3entry : screen door : fire pit : dining table : "school room" : back porch : three green pictures :  Christmas Tree : door and shelves : green and teal kitchen : cow : black dresser bathroom : industrial kitchen : outdoor night view


  1. Ohhhh I love this style as well. It feels a bit out of our lifestyle range (financially), but I really, really love it. I sometimes also wish I could have a new house with a new style every decade...I'd work my way through mid-century modern, warm Danish/swiss with lots of texture, modern farmhouse...so many fun styles to choose from. :)

  2. I love this! Where on earth can we find the blueprints??

  3. Love it! I love the style and crispness of the white. I would most def do if I could

  4. I love this house inside and out. Is this an old house made to look newer or a new house made to look like it's always belonged. Are there floor plans to this house anywhere? Thanks :)

  5. I love this house inside and out! Is this an old house modernized or is this a new house made to look like it has always belonged. Are there floor plans available for this home anywhere? ~in love!

  6. I would like to know if there are any floor plans for the house that is located under the picture of the screen porch?



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