He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

28 July 2010

Simple Ways to Show 'em You Love 'em

It is easy to get caught up in the daily routine and forget that sometimes "taking care" of your kiddos just means making sure they know you love them. I know that sometimes I get caught up in the daily grind and don't take advantage of my time with him. As good ol' DC Talk says it "Love is a Verb" so here are a few ideas for when you're in a dry spell of brilliant ways to tell your kids you love them without having to say it.

1. Go for a walk at their pace.
2. Sit down and read as many books as they want of their choosing.
3. Take them out for ice cream.
4. Set up a tent in the living room with blankets, chairs, pillows, whatever you have around.
5. Play with your kids. Don't just observe, get down on the floor with them.
6. Make a treasure hunt around the house or yard with a map and all.
7. Take them to the local petting zoo or pet store and explore the animals together.
8. Take them out on a date, just you and them.
9. Set aside and hour and head to the park.
10. Cook them their favorite meal.
11. Cook with them.
12. Sit down with them over cookies and milk and ask them how their day was.
13. Have their favorite snack out for them when they get home from school.
14. Hide notes in their lunch boxes {when they're young. This could be embarrassing for older kids who are just "too cool"}.
15. Turn off the TV, step away from the computer, mute your phone.
16. Go see {or rent} a movie of their choosing.
17. Write them a letter that tells them how proud you are of them.
18. Take pictures of them and keep their photo album updated.
19. Redecorate their room with or without their help.
20. Use a white board to put up daily notes to them.
21. Craft or paint with them. Create with them.
22. Ask their opinion when you can.
23. Mail them a letter in the mail.
24. Invite their closest friends over for a movie night.
25. Do their regular chore for them {every so often!}.
26. Give them a back rub.
27. Give your daughter a pedicure and manicure.

I could go on for a while but I'd love to know... what do you do with your little one to tell them you love them without words?


  1. You covered most of the good ones! But for us personally...

    1. Make a train track! (Big Thomas the Train fans.)
    2. Have a picnic inside on the living room floor.
    3. Plan a special field trip. (Ryan wants to go to the dump to see where all the trash is kept. Working on figuring that one out.)
    4. Take them to the library.
    5. Swimming at the lake.
    6. Going for a bike ride/walk.


  2. I don't know if you've ever read 5 languages of Love, and this may sound weird but after reading it we applied it to the girls. So knowing their language helps show them love a lil easier, for ex. alexa's is time:
    Movie night she decides everything
    Anthony will take her to run errands (surprisingly she actually likes it)& then out for ice cream or something ( a date pretty much)
    Almost any one on one time she loves.
    Charlie is touch
    So any cuddling, reading (only) to her, akssing war (we chase her around & give her a crazy amount of kisses) she loves it.and so on. But I think the book has helped us know how to show each one we love them in their own special way.

  3. Wow, I really love your list! Our babies are so little still, so we have lots of kisses, snuggling, playing on the floor, tickling, peek-a-boo, etc. I'm such a beginner...


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