He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

31 July 2010

ApPliQue Pj SHiRtS

Though I was sure to include a ton of pictures, this is SuPeR easy and, depending on the amount of detail you include, SuPeR quick! The best part is, you can make just about anything!

What You'll Need: 
Paper with image of choice
Fabrics that you'll want for each part of the picture
Freezer Paper
Heat n Bond
Writing Utensil{markers are best}
Medium piece of cardboard
OnE: Pick your picture and trace it onto paper. You can trace it directly onto freezer paper but if you ever want to duplicate your image it's easier to keep the original.

TwO: Trace each individual piece of your picture onto your freezer paper as shown below. Notice the cab of the truck. Even though the part of the cab behind the windshield will be covered, you want to cut out the whole cab piece. 

Cut out shapes a little bigger than you've drawn them and, using the dry setting, iron them onto the front of the fabric you'd like to make them out of.

 FoUr: Cut the Heat N Bond large enough to cover your fabric pieces and, using a dry iron, iron it to the back of the fabric pieces. 

Cut out your pieces and peel off all your paper

SiX: Get your shirt ready. Using a hard surface {I used a bamboo cutting board} lay your shirt down and place a piece of cardboard {or a magazine or something hard} between the layers of your shirt to prevent the Heat N Bond from leaking through to the back.

Iron down your background pieces. When using Heat N Bond, it is best to not move the iron around. Instead, place the iron onto your pieces and count "5-Mississippis", pick up the iron and repeat over another portion of the picture. You are going to repeat this process starting from the background and working to the foreground as shown below.

I highly recommend sewing down your edges. Sometimes, after lots and lots of love, the edges can fray. Since I expect these to be your kiddo's FaVOriTe shirts it's best to be preventative. {I fooled around with different lengths and widths of stitching as I went to get a funky affect.}

Lately, CJ's favorite character is none-other-than Elmo so I couldn't resist. 

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