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01 July 2010

Sewing Machine Cover

{DaY 30}
Yes, I know, this day is WAY overdue!
I feel as though I should explain myself... I started working on a summer outfit for Miss Mak a few weeks ago. If was my first real attempt at making clothing from a pattern and since I am a girl who tends to make my own way, a pattern seriously confused me {so much terminology I don't get!} I haven't been neglecting my 30 Day challenge, I just got stumped. I finally got to the last steps and needed to fit the leg openings to Miss Maks chunky little thighs only to find out that the whole outfit is too big and I'll have to wait a couple of months to finish it now. Here's what I've got so far...

Anyway, so as not to leave you hanging for weeks on end, I went ahead and did another, much needed, project. If you noticed in my craftroom makeover, my craft area is in my basement and since our house is old, our basement is dirty and I was afraid that my machine would take a beating unless I covered it.

And here's how it's done...

YoU'lL NeEd:
Fabric for Outer Panel {see directions to figure out how much is needed}
Fabric for Inner Panel {I used fleece to add some weight}
1 yard of 1/4" elastic {you will have extra left over}
Measure from the tabletop at the front of your machine over the top of the machine and down to the tabletop at the back of the machine. Add one inch. Measure across the top of your machine {be sure to take your wheel or anything else that sticks out into consideration} and add two inches. My machine was 27"x16" so I measured and cut 2 fabric panels out to 28"x18".
For the elastic casings... Measure the width of your machine on both sides. Multiply the lengths times two. Cut out two pieces of fabric for each end that is the length you need . For mine, one end was 8" and the other was 6" so I cut out two pieces, 1- 16"x2" and 1- 12"x2".

TwO: Fold one of your elastic casing pieces in half with the wrong side facing out and sew a 1/4 seam down the length. You just made a tube, but don't turn it just yet.

THrEe: Sew the end your yard of elastic to one end of your fabric tube. Now you can turn the tube inside out.

Holding the elastic "tail" with one hand, being sure not to stretch the elastic, use your other hand to push the fabric towards the end that you've sewn. Do this until the gathered fabric measures the length of the side of your machine. {If you remember, one of the sides of my machine was 8". I gathered one piece so that the length of the fabric after it was gathered was 8". } Sew the open end of the gathered fabric in place and cut off the extra elastic "tail".

With right sides of your inner and outer panels facing, sew the two short ends together with a 1/2" seam.

SiX: Turn this piece right-side-out and drape over your machine.

Pin the encased elastic pieces to one side of the machine where you would like it to go. {When pinning, you want to make sure you don't pin the elastic so that it wraps around the side. You want your elastic to look like it's going around the back of your machine so that when you turn your fabric inside-out again the elastic will lay in between the right sides of your fabric} like so...
EiGHt: Using another pin, mark where you are going to attach the other side of the elastic. Remove the panels from the machine and turn your panel outside-in.

NiNe: {The following is easy to do but hard to explain...} Take the loose end of your elastic and pin it at the point where you put your marker pin. The middle of your fabric panels will bunch because the elastic will pull them together. Sew down the side you've pinned being sure to back-stitch over the elastics to keep them firmly in place.

TeN: Repeat steps SiX through NiNe for the other side and BE SURE to leave a 3" opening for turning.

EleVEn: Turn your project, right side out. Iron flat if you'd like.

TWeLvE: Top stitch around your panel 1/4" from the edge {be sure to catch the opening you left for turning} and you're done!

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