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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

22 August 2012

Life Binder: Supplies

Not long ago I told you about my friend, Paige's, "Project of Epic Proportions" (aka Home Management Binder or Life Binder)
I joined in after a bit of internal kicking and screaming because I know that getting one of these babies set up is a lot of work and organizing however I have been in desperate need of some organization these days and so I have slowly-but-surely been getting on the ball and plowing through.

I've found that this whole process is extremely personal to how you function. That being said I opted to make two books. One book is my daily binder that stays on the kitchen counter which I reference several times a day. The other will be my emergency binder that I describe as my "in case of fire" book. That being said, I have duplicated some of what Paige has done but just to be difficult I have added my own twists. If you'd like more information and resources she's a good place to go as well as A Bowl Full of Lemons, IHeart Orgaizing, and Finding Home .


I opted for a 1" binder for my daily stuff and a 2" for my emergency section.

a lot of them!

Calendar Tabs 

Blank Adhesive Tabs 

Next up... Calendars

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