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25 July 2012

Life Binder Part 1

I'm just going to start by saying, "Paige drug me into this!"
Now that that's out of the way...
If you don't know what a life binder is I'll tell you that it is, in fact, a "Project of Epic Proportions" like my dear friend Laura {or Paige as I call her} warns it will be on her blog Our Portion.
{Isn't she gorgeous?!}
Anyway... If you want to skip through my progress and get right down to what Paige has going on you can find her info here...
Intro: What is a Home Management Binder?
Account Information
Budget & Bills

Paige offers a bunch of information on how she's building her folder as well as resources she found for free printables! What's not to love?!

I'll get to how my folder turned out once I am done because I can tell that I'm already going to be adding and making changes to what I've done. What I will say is that we have our fourth child on the way and getting organized isn't just for kicks anymore... IT'S A NECESSITY and though I have only just begun things have definitely been simplified around here. Be warned: It's a LOT of work on the front end but using it in the day-to-day has made an impact.

For the record, Paige and I are not the first to create these binders. The web is loaded with printables {free and for sale}and ideas to get the ball rolling and get you thinking about what will work for you.

Mandi from Finding Home shares her life binder with bunches of free printables
She's got great ideas ranging from meal planning to keeping track of birthdays to remembering movies you want to see!

A Bowl Full of Lemons has several great ideas and gives a rough overview of what she included plus a plethora of links to free and for sale printables.

Tiffany from The Nest Effect has made her own printables that are for sale or, at the very least, are good ideas to get you thinking.

Jen from IHeart Organizing also offers some really cute printables for her household binder along with smart ideas for how to keep yourself organized.

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  1. I think you said it perfectly..."What I will say is that we have our fourth child on the way and getting organized isn't just for kicks anymore... IT'S A NECESSITY."

    It's very true and that's exactly how I have been looking at it!


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