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24 August 2012

Life Binder: Calendars

Today is easy-peasy and requires only a printer to get started...
I did a simple step to get myself started with a smile and found a couple of cute free printables online.
Before I even begin to share what I did I have to tell you that there are about a bazillion options out there. Many free, some on Etsy.com you can buy, many are easy to find on Pinterest.com, and you can use Google if you'd like. Really, the possibilities are endless, especially if you have a basic photo editing program on your computer.

I used these from "the tomkat studio" for my monthly calendar...
I printed out two copies of these calendars and put them back to back in a sheet protector. The front one is for important dates and events while the one on the back has our month's menu plan.
I take the pages out of the protectors and pencil in new information as it comes and I use a dry erase marker over the plastic to cross off days as I go. 

From 505 Design & Paperie
A blank from Infarrantly Creative

I used this for my weekly calendar from Mommy Tracked...

It has a few details I'm eventually going to change out. For instance, the bottom fifteen boxes say "kids' activities, dinner plans, and notes". I'd rather those be the menu for each meal for each day. I'd also like to change the "to do section" and just create a place to stick a blank sticky note for any items I need to add to my grocery list that way I can just grab it and go and not have to rewrite the list.
I usually write the weekly schedule over the plastic on this page with a dry erase marker because it changes so frequently.

From Taylor Gray
From Posts & Pixels
 From Blooming Homestead

I don't use one but if you're looking for a daily page there are several options out there too...
From Finding Home under "daily schedule"
From Buttoned Up

 From Sherbert Cafe

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