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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

08 December 2010

Hot Chocolate Heaven

Who doesn't love these sweet beverage?  It can be creamy, sweet, rich or thick... vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coconut... Oh, the possibilities! 

First, the classics: 
Ina Garten : my favorite chef EVER, Ina Garten, gave us her homemade recipe
Ellie Krieger : you can always count this chick for a healthy twist on your favorite anything
I also wanted to throw in a little extra sumthin'sumthin' by sharing Sweet Hubs' recipe... "fill 3/4 of the way with hot water ... fill the rest of the way with whole milk... add 3 tbsp of coco mix and stir...add a splash of pure vanilla extract...the add a heaping spoonful of marshmallow cream to create a "head" on the top and finish with a bit of cinnamon on top."
"OR", Hubs says, "if you're feeling extra crazy, add an Andes candy in your hot chocolate and stir!"

The Fancy: 
Maitres Chocolatiers {"really good chocolate-people"}from Lindt : these "fancy-pants'" add vanilla bean and peppercorns to their recipe.
Dizzy-Dee : coconut hot chocolate
Singing With Birds : inspired this post with her thick and sweet version
Chow: peppermint hot chocolate. mmm! 
Dry Mixes:   
Whole Foods : these guys skip the preservatives and keep the goodness
...and of course Martha Stewart weighs in with her own mix

A Little Something Extra:
Once I stumbled on these Hot Chocolate Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies I had no choice but to sneak them in! I mean, come on!

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