He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

16 August 2010

Musings of a Chocoholic

microwave s'mores: for the days i wish i hadn't passed by the snack aisle at 
the grocery store in the name of being healthy

It has been one of those weeks {yes, I realize it's only Tuesday}. I think I'm still  recovering from last week and the painting extravaganza which I participated in for the church's nursery. Three days of painting, including after church on Sunday. And there were people who were there more than me! Crazy people. Then, my in-laws popped in from out of town for a few hours before they headed up to Vermont and you know what that means... a cleaning frenzy to keep my unsuspecting mother-in-law thinking I'm a psychotic-neat-freak who makes sure her husband never goes to bed with crumbs on his feet. HA! Anyway... I figured since my brain is out of commission I'll just blab a little. By the way, Sweet Hubs says I'm shameless for making microwave s'mores. I don't care. 

I have fallen for a little photo-editing site called picnik.com. You can manipulate your uploaded photos with some pretty nifty effects and if you pay a little you get even more options/fonts/effects/styles to choose from. {I'm a big fan of the vignette, softening and selective black and white features.} You should try it!

I'm a bit of a Big Bang Theory lover. Yes, I know their theme song is wrong, WrONg, WRONG but I can get past it because Sheldon makes me laugh. "Bazinga!"

The very word "coffee"... the way it's spelled...the two "f"s and two "e"s... the way it sounds when it pours into my favorite mug... all of that puts me into a coma until I satiate my appetite with a cup. mmm! 

I have a fairly decent memory so I am very much against watching movies more than once which drives Hubs crazy!

Sometimes I browse Pottery Barn's site just to get ideas and then go to Knock-Off-Wood to see how to make them. But I don't actually make them.

After 5 months of Miss Mak being an angel baby {I mean fantastic, couldn't be more pleasant to have around at all times} she had a week long stretch of crabbiness that seemed like it would never end. Praise the Lord, she's back to normal. Like the weather in New England, if you don't like your babe's mood, wait a minute, it will change. 

I don't carry my camera around enough. I am constantly wishing I could capture something I'm seeing to share with Hubs or... you. {This is where I pretend people actually read my posts.}

It took me only 7 months to find something to put over the changing table in Miss Mak's room. What a relief! 

Hubs makes fun of me for taking pictures of everything I do just in case I decide to blog about it. 

Hubs is a far better husband than he'd ever let me share. He has a reputation to keep after all.

Sometimes I get itchy to decorate but I'm on a budget since we're saving to buy a house. Instead of buying something new, I re-arrage the furniture and artwork I already have. It drives Hubs cuh-raze-ee! 

I don't like to play with my kids. I hate to say that but I mean it. I love teaching them, meeting their needs and snuggling with them and I'm happy to do it day in and day out but I have to force myself to play with them for 10 minutes a day. Thank the Lord for Sweet Hubs who would rather play than anything. 

I love to play Dr. Mario on the original Nintendo gaming system. 

Bill Cosby, in The Cosby Show, reminds me of my dad when I was growing up except my dad is white and never finished high school. The similarities are shocking.

I am too lazy to garden. You should see my front yard... nuthin' but weeds. Maybe when the kids are older I'll start to care {or maybe I'll just send them out to do it}

I heard a story a few weeks ago about a toddler from Arizona who got out of the house when his family was napping and wandered around for 3 days before they found his body in the desert. I cried. I'm not sure I would have before having kids. 

I thank God for my beautiful family every night before I go to bed. I wonder if my kids will ever appreciate that. 

My 2 year old, who, I'm told, should make me want to run and hide, makes me laugh constantly. I love that about him. Miss Mak is starting to have the same affect on me.

Hubs walks around the house at night brushing his teeth as if he's announcing to the whole house that he's about to head to bed. He's doing it now. That's my queue. 



  1. Krystle gotta say I love this blog. I'm not crafty in the way you are but I still enjoy all your things you share. I love that you call Brent Hubs, cute. I was reading through and kept thinking 'me too' quite weird. anyway i just wanted to add that I usually make my marshmellow over the stove (for the fire taste) and Anthony thinks I'm ghetto for doing that. I call it lazy, who wantsto start a fire everytime they want a smore....not me. Thanks for sharing you.

  2. Deleating my cookies worked!!!!!! YEAH!!! I LOVED this post. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't make microwave smores, and doesn't like playing with my kids. I can handle a specific game, but just plain imaginative play..I last about two minutes then I'm done. I'll build a train track with Ryan, but it takes everything within me to sit there and play with the trains and move them around and have them talk to each other. It's like torture! And I love that Brent announces his bedtime by walking around brushing his teeth. haha. I wonder if he did that/picked it up in college?

  3. Seriously, you are HILARIOUS and I heart you and love your blog! Ah, motherhood......


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