He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

03 September 2010

Maybe Someday... {a wishlist of sorts}

I confess, it has been a long canning season for me and what do I have to show for it? 
57 quarts of Dutch Soup. 40 jars of peaches. Green Beans.Plums. Pears. Grape Jelly. Strawberry Jelly. Strawberry Lemonade Mix. Chocolate Raspberry Sauce. Oh yeah, and it's not even apple season yet! 
So I am tired. Actually, I am very tired. 
After spending some time at the waterpark with our friends yesterday morning...

I came home, started some homemade grape juice {which has been hanging out in the fridge all night}...

 and during naptime I blog browsed. Alot. 
See, I am a designer at heart. A decorator by certification. 

Then I had kids and that put a hold on things. 
My creative juices were bottled inside for a while until I started this blog and now I have an outlet. Whether or not a single soul views my pages I feel compelled to "do"... to create. {That may explain the ridiculous amounts of food preservation.} 
So that's my background. 
Now for my "rut". 
Okay, I can't say I'm officially "in a rut" but I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of one. I have ideas. I have plans. But I'm trying to get things done as inexpensively as possible because... 
1. who doesn't love to find a great deal. 
2. it requires creativity and a serious assesment of your on-hand resources. 
3. we would like to move in the next 3-4 years so putting money into this house just doesn't seem wise anymore. Don't get me wrong, I don't consider future moving plans an excuse for being uncomfortable now but I have all I need so I have no complaints. 
I'm just bored. 
So I have found some {what I consider to be} spectacular ideas for what Hubs and I have aptly named our "never-ever-house" {a.k.a. our dream home} and since I think these ideas are so great, I figured I'd share. {Click on any photos to enlarge}

Magnetic Chalkboard Wall
{kids art/Bible verse/"dont' ask me what's for dinner cause it's on the wall".
Oh the possibilities!}
Lil Blue Boo
Framed Chalkboard
{I know, what's with all the chalkboard, right?}
J'adore the idea of having scriptures all around the house. I have wanted to do this for a while. What an adorable way of making it happen, no?
burlap and blue

Maps as Wallpaper

Master Bedroom
{Relaxing. Breezy. Light. Natural. Soothing. Unwind. Notice, no kids!}
My Home Ideas
Candice Olson
See the rest of the room @ Perfectly Imperfect

I admit, this one is a little crazy for me BUT isn't that the point? Kid's rooms are meant for creativity, imagination and fun. I am usually a very clean cup, type-A, organized mind and I love the idea of giving my kids a little controlled chaos when they need to get away from me.  {Hubs on the other hand... this might be too much for him...}

Casa Sugar
CrEAtInG RoOm 
{thank you, as always, Pottery Barn for your overpriced items and brilliant ideas!}
Project Girl
Beautiful Stairs
{darken the wood a little and I'm yours!}
Laundry Room
Country Living
Martha Stewart's Basement
It's so sterile and functional. I love it.

Classy Kitchen
I've been drooling over this kitchen/house for a year now...
I'll take the whole house, to go, please.
HGTV 2010 Green House
Is all this a tad superficial? You bet! But a girl can dream, right?
Enjoy this mindless post and your long weekend. I hope it's relaxing. 

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