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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

09 September 2010

Grape Juice {the strong version}

Grapes are ready and I'm not talking about just any grapes! I'm talking about grapes from my very own dad's mini-vineyard AND Concord grapes from our "produce guy". {If you've never tasted a fresh Concord grape than you haven't lived!} Of course, that means more canning but that's just plain ol' easy!

OnE: get your grapes

TwO: remove stems, leaves, etc.
ThReE: crush grapes. i used my food processor and pulsed a few times to get a chunky texture.
FoUr: bring crushed berries to a boil over med-high heat and then simmer for 30 minutes until skins are soft.

FiVe: strain through cheese cloth and let sit for at least two hours then refridgerate overnight so sediment falls to the bottom of the pan.
SiX: be careful to not disturb the sediment and refilter your juice. {i can out of cheese cloth so i used a filter from Hubs maple syrup making supplies. thanks, babe!}

 SeVeN: heat juice in large pan but do not let boil and get jars ready for canning.  When hot, ladel into hot, clean jars, leave 1/4" headspace and process for 15 minutes with both pints and quarts.

NOTE: This is a high concentration recipe. A lighter, quicker recipe is coming soon. 

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