He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

07 March 2011

today is monday.

yup. here i go, stating the obvious again.
i'm sure you know what day it is.
or maybe you're like me and the end of this winter season is getting the best of you and you need the reminder.

up here, in New England, i have been loving all this snow. after living in Virginia for 5 years i began to miss "real" winters.
but it was 50 degrees the other week and over 40 pretty often now which means the mud is coming and i suddenly find myself longing for 70 degree days, green grass, the smell of wet soil, and the first sprouts of new life in our veggie garden. 
we've managed to make it through these months with ease... for the most part.
we've walked through the greenhouse to tire the kids out.
we accepted early on that tv would sometimes be a part of our "getting by" when we can't be outside.
we've made tents and forts of all kinds in all places.
we've played with the kids even more than usual.
call it cabin fever, but i wonder if we did start going a little crazy.
now it's maple season.
that's a big deal around these parts.
sweet hubs starts getting worked up about it on New Years day...
and CJ helps.
this weekend CJ hung out with his dad for a while. stoking the fire, supervising wood splitting, and drinking hot chocolate while bundled in a blanket.
meanwhile, with only 11 weeks to go, the girls and i hung out where it was nice and warm.
man! my sweet Mak is growing fast!
not quite walking... 
but close. 
i also managed to upgrad my picnik.com membership and have been playing around a little.
nothing fancy, just seeing what all the features do.

and baking.
oh boy, the baking! it's a miracle i'm not as big as a boat... yet.
i've somehow managed to stave off any major sickness. Sweet Hubs had a bad cold one weekend and then a sinus infection the next. {enter neti pot.}
CJ and Mak have both been through the coughs and sniffles but thanks to vitamin c, elderberry syrup, and the grace of God, their illnesses have been mild and quick.
come quickly spring!


  1. I love your "Beans" spoon in the garden! Did you make that or buy it? So cute!

  2. Thanks! I made them...



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