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29 November 2010

Super Simple PJ Pants

Sweet Hubs' family is ALL.ABOUT.CHRISTMAS. My family... well, not so much. His is all about traditions. I swear, they have a tradition for everything! You can only eat certain things after certain dates...watch specific movies on specific days... drink wassail on Christmas Eve ONLY... hide elves around the house... stockings on the stairs... every ornament they own on the tree until it tips {literally}...planned attire for Christmas day. Okay, you get the point. 
Again, my family... nada. 
So I've determined not to be lame and embrace the Christmas season with all the enthusiasm I can muster. Hubs and I are working on creating our own traditions {some silly, some not} and one of the very first traditions I'm starting this year is that I would like to make Christmas Eve pajamas for the kids. I think I'll make it the one gift they can open Christmas Eve so that they can wear them Christmas Day. I only hope that I make "cool" enough ones that the kids won't mind wearing when they're teens {oh boy}.

As promised... these were super simple... 
You'll Need: 
1 yd fabric of your choice
1/4 yd of second fabric for embellishment {optional}
elastic {1/2" should do}
a pair of pants that currently fit your little one

What To Do: 
Using pants that fit your little one, turn them inside out, fold them in half, and lay them on a folded edge of your fabric as shown.
Cut around your pants leaving at least an inch around the side and two inches along the bottom cuff and waist. Do this twice.
If you choose to do a pocket and/or cuff... grab your second, accent fabric and visit Made-By-Rae for how to do just that. {For Mak's pocket, I chose to make it 5"x4" so I cut my rectangles to 5 1/2"x8"}
 To attach the body pieces of the pants lay your two leg pieces right-sides-together.
Stitch the two seams from the waist to the crotch and stop.
Now, switch your pants around and match up the seams you just made so that it looks like the picture below.
Starting at one cuff, stitch up the inseam of one side, across the crotch, and down the other leg.
For the waist, roll down the top of your pants 1/2", sew using 1/4" seam.
Roll the top down again 1" and sew using a 3/4" seam. Be sure to leave 1" or so to insert the elastic.
 The easiest way to thread the elastic through is to attach one end to a safety pin and feed it through.
Pull your elastic to the tension that fits your little one, cut the excess off and sew the ends together. Turn them inside out and voila!
I LOVE making these. SO easy and SO cute!

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