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02 November 2010

How We Live Clean: Bath & Body

I have been asked, quite a bit lately, how my "no-pooing" is going. That question, alone, got me thinking about all the other things I've changed since I started "not" washing my hair so I figured, why not share it all in one shot.

1. No Poo: To answer the question... no-pooing is going very well. I'm at a point of mostly no-pooing and some washing but only with sulfate free shampoo. {I basically use sulfate free shampoo and condition once a week and no-poo anytime needed in between.} While on vacation, recently, I had no choice but to use regular cleanser and the moment I started to massage the shampoo onto my scalp I felt how stripping it was. In other words, I don't miss regular shampoos and conditioners and I won't be going back.

As a recap, there are several sources that explain exactly how to "no-poo". The method I started with Nature Moms method. After some experimenting, I now use two hair dye applicator bottles purchased at a beauty supply store and use a ration of 1 part baking soda to 9 parts water for my shampoo. For my conditioner, I use something more like 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water. {These ratios totally depend on your hair. Mine is fine and prone to waviness though definitely not curly.}

2. Castile Soap: I spent some time, about 9 months ago, looking at the back of the bottles of soaps, lotions and detergents around our house and discovered that EVERYTHING has SLS in it. {If you're unsure of what SLS - sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate is, search it and you'll be given many MANY links about its drawbacks.The things that make me most uncomfortable with these ingredients are that it is used in strong detergents, degreasers, car washing, etc. and that it cleans by corrosion. I just can't justify putting that on my skin but more importantly on my kids.} After all my research, I ended up using Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. It's a vegetable oil based soap that has no synthetic foaming agents, thickeners or preservatives and, best of all, I can buy it at most major stores. {I got mine at Target.} Oh! By the way, it lasts a LONG time! I bought one bottle for $13 over six months ago and am just below the half mark.

I dilute it into a pump-style bottle {approximately one cup of soap and fill the rest of the bottle up with water}. I also add 30 drops of grapefruit essential oil, just for the refreshing scent. Not necessary. 

I use it as I would a bar soap on myself and as face wash at night. On the kids, it is the only soap I use on them. I use the same mixture as a shampoo and only wash their hair once a week. {If you wash your little one's hair every day or even every other day, I recommend stopping and seeing how long you can go without washing before it's needed. You may be surprised how long they'll make it. Our kids could go well over a week.}
I have also come to use it as hand wash by all my sinks. Once again, I dilute it, add some essential oil and put it into an old soap dispenser. It works great in emptied foaming soap dispensers. 

Castile soap can be used in many MANY other ways. Check out their website or read one of their bottles for some ideas.
3. Coconut Oil: I have been mocked, mercilessly, by my family members for loving this stuff as much as I do. But how can I help it?! It's amazing! It does everything!
Okay, okay, maybe it won't watch the kids, empty the dishwasher or fold laundry but it's still wonderful stuff! 
All you have to do is search "coconut oil" and you'll have way more information that I can offer here but I'll give you my favorite reasons and uses just for fun. 
Coconut oil has anti microbial properties that help your body deal with fungi, bacteria, parasites, etc. and it is a fantastic moisturizer. {It's greasy going on but dries quickly and has never caused me any skin irritation.} Best of all... it smells fantastic!
In our house, we use it for LOTS of things. 
{Using it out of the jar doesn't work so well so I stopped by the dollar store and bought an inexpensive shallow jar with lotion in it, took out the lotion, rinsed it well, warmed the oil so it was in liquid form, and filled the lotion container. I keep one in each bedroom.}
1. diaper rash cream
2. moisturizer in place of lotion 
3. face moisturizer {I've heard it's anti-aging too!}
4. cooking {in place of butter or oils in sauteing or baking}
5. anti bacterial for cuts and scrapes
6. lip moisturizer 
7. hair conditioner/frizz tamer {a little goes a LONG way!}


  1. This is so helpful -- THANK YOU! I'm switching soaps right now. I have coconut oil and I use it as lotion for the kids, but I had no idea that we could use it as diaper cream too!

  2. whats ur measurements of castle soap to water?

  3. I don't measure but I'd say 1/2 cup soap to 3 cups of water is a starting point. I base it on the lather but a little goes a long way. For the kids I squirt some of the mixture into the bath water and use it more as a bath wash.

  4. I also love coconut oil! It works wonders for diaper rash. Did you know that if you whip it with a mixer it is much easier to use?! I just use a hand mixer on it for a few minutes and it absorbs much faster and keeps me from having to scrap it out of the jar.

  5. Yes! It's funny that you mention that... I actually have two tutorials I've been meaning to post for a month now about whipped coconut oil and whipped shea butter. I LOVE that stuff! Thanks for checking in!


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