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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

30 July 2012

Two Summer Money Saving Tips

These two tips may be considered old news but just because they're old doesn't mean they aren't good. 

1. Sun drying your clothes. 
Our grandmothers did it, our mothers may or may not have done it, and by golly, we should too!
Why? It's FREE! Who doesn't love that?!
{Well, for the sake of full disclosure, if you don't have a clothes line, a drying rack, or a sunny spot of deck railing, it may cost a little but it's a one time cost which is good too!}

Currently, as I wait for the posts sitting in our garage to be transformed into a clothesline in the hands of master carpenter Hubs, I have resorted to the deck and a stand alone drying rack I got from Target.
The upsides: Low/No cost. Clothes smell wonderful! Saving electricity therefore saving money. Get in touch with your ancestors. The sun has natural bleaching and germ killing abilities. Drying has been just about as quick as the conventional dryer for me so far, that includes towels **.
The downsides: Rainy days happen. There isn't always enough room for all the loads. Risk of bird droppings which I have avoided thus far. 
**Many people consider crunchy towels and stiff jeans as a downside but that can be easily avoided by tossing the them all in the dryer for a few minutes once the sun has gotten them about 80% dry.

2. Save money while using your central air. 
If you're like me and love fresh air stirring around the house every once in a while, this tip is a big help. Let's say you keep your house around 73 for the daytime, go ahead and set it for that in the morning and then, if it's not super hot out in the morning go ahead and open all your windows and let the breezes flow. Yes... keep your A/C on with the windows open! Once the air begins to warm up, usually around 11 for us here in New England, the A/C will kick on and that's when you go ahead and shut all the windows and curtains up. This way everybody wins! You get your fresh air while your A/C unit gets a break and doesn't have to work so hard to get the house cool again.

That's all for today.
Happy Monday!


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog! And we've been living without a dryer for over 3 years now...mostly by choice. I only miss it when I have lint issues (from 2 cats mostly) and when I have to iron the no-iron men's shirts (that are only no-iron after being dried in a dryer...who knew). In the winter I dry indoors and it helps fight the dry air from heating. Perfect!

  2. Vanessa, I'm glad you found me too!
    I've never thought of going completely dryer free but after your three years I may be more thoughtful about it this fall and winter. Lord willing, Hubs gets up the clothesline soon so I can use that instead well into the fall. Thanks for dropping by!


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