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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

13 July 2011

Thick, Creamy, Tasty Yogurt

Technically this is "round 2" but round one was such a failure I didn't want to share it....
I originally took a stab at this recipe from Passionate Homemaking for crockpot yogurt. I wanted to sweeten it up a little so I found a few suggestions online as to how to best do that and wound up with a rather gross, soupy mix that went straight down the drain.
It has taken me several months to be willing to try again but here we are.
I followed a crockpot free recipe from Passionate Homemaking this time which was super simple because the directions were VERY detailed.
The results?

Vanilla yogurt that tastes much like store bought with maybe a touch more tang. Nothing I can't handle and, to be honest, I'm a picky eater in the way that I only eat things that taste good.
Don't ask me to explain what that means.
Anyway... I have been using yogurt/kefir mix for our morning smoothies lately so we go through yogurt pretty quickly. Stonyfield Organic French Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt, which is what I buy, usually goes for 4.29 around here. I buy it on sale for 3.99. Half a gallon of organic, grassfed milk, delivered to my door is 3.75 and I made close to three quarts of yogurt from the one half gallon so I've saved about eight dollars.
Yes, I will continue using this recipe and stop or at least seriously cut down on our store bought consumption depending on my schedule.

Worth a shot for your home? I'd say so.

A note on consistency...
I took these pictures right after taking them from the warm water bath. Once I put it in the fridge it thickened to the point that I could turn the jar upside down and it held it's shape.

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