He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

16 May 2011

Wow! What a Week!

say hello to Caden Joy {a.k.a. Bean}


Yes! All those accurately describe last week rather well for our family, but me in particular.
I shared with you that I spent a full day contracting last Saturday into Sunday morning {Mother's Day} then, after 36 hours they just stopped. Though this was a bit of a let down, I was fully aware that I wasn't due for another 10 or so days so I had nothing to complain about. Contractions were sporadic but still happening. Some hurt, some didn't. After a few days I decided to ignore them completely until I couldn't anymore. Up until this point I hadn't been to the chiropractor for months but knew that I was "off" so I went in Wednesday in the hopes it would get things straightened out and moving. I went in again on Thursday after an appointment with my midwife who said I was 1 cm. {After two kids, I learned that dilation doesn't matter until you're in active labor. Before then you could be closed on the day you deliver or 3 cms for weeks.}
Fast forward to 11:06 Thursday night {about 30 minutes after I fell asleep} and my water broke. Since my water didn't break with the other two I wasn't sure what I was feeling at first but it didn't take long to be sure. Thankfully I caught it quickly and didn't ruin the bed. {Yay for that!} I woke Hubs who ran for towels... called the midwife and told her I didn't want to go in until the contractions kicked in... called my sister, who was coming to stay with the older two...and tried to rest until the contractions started.
Ha! Yeah, right!
I got up, folded some clothes, started some laundry, and got he house picked up the house in hopes of getting the contractions moving and by 1:30 I was ready to head out. I told Hubs we had plenty of time. The contractions were slow, irregular, and fairly mild but I had read third babies are unpredictable and that once you water breaks who knows what comes next so rather than deliver the baby in the driveway we headed to the greenhouse to get some paperwork for Hubs, where I walked around for a few minutes, and then headed to the hospital.
Since my water broke we skipped admission into our teensy-tiny hospital {6 beds and I was the only patient there} and went straight to our room in the back hall. {Yes, I was even able to request the room I wanted!}
At 3, my contractions were still sporadic and somewhat mild. I had to breathe through them but nothing I hadn't dealt with before. I was 3 cms and they wanted to wait until I was 4 to give me an epidural. I assumed there was no rush. At 3:45 I was told that the anesthesiologist was on his way and would be there by 4:15 and my midwife would be there "any minute".
Within 5 minutes I was in full active labor. My body went into overdrive. Hubs stepped out to get me some water and I decided to try leaning over the back of the bed to ease some pain. By the time he got back {less than 2 minutes later} I wasn't able to breathe through the contractions anymore. I was now moaning with touch of screaming.
Very dignified.
From there on, the contractions were the worst I had ever felt and getting closer together.
Gone were the 30 seconds between contractions.
Gone was the counting backwards until the peak of the contraction. 
Gone were the breathing techniques.
Enter screaming like a maniac and the nurses telling me to relax and focus. 
Enter the only doctor in the area who was not dressed or gloved for the occasion and was only there as support for the anesthesiologist who tried to convince me that he baby wasn't coming and that I had to stop making noise because I was pushing and I wasn't ready.
NOT READY?! I informed him, using a series of choice words, that she was coming and that breathing was no longer an option.
I'm pretty sure I insulted his mother too.
One brave nurse decided to check my progress.
8 centimeters.
The doctor finally listened and checked me about a minute later.
What's that? 9 centimeters?! Don't push?!
At this point I knew she was coming. I mean "put on your dang gloves, Gina, and catch!" coming.
I still had the cloth over my legs and they weren't even looking for a head.
I finally gave in to the pressure I was feeling and pushed. The doctors and nurse noticed because they had a quick forum amongst themselves and decided that the grunting noise I was making was in fact pushing and that I should stop it immediately!
In the nicest way posible I informed everyone in the room to shuttup, stop touching me, and catch the baby.
Finally, the dear doctor, who was hoping I'd wait until my midwife arrived, peaked under the sheet, realized it too late to stop me, threw on gloves and a gown and, at 4:24 am on May 13th, caught our sweet little Bean. All 7 pounds, 3 ounces of her.

I had no intention of going natural but God had other plans and now I have nothing but respect for those who have done it several times though I do question your sanity as well. Who, in their right mind, would willingly do that more than once?!

To top it all off, May 14th was my 28th birthday. What a present, huh?!
So anyway, I hope you'll understand that I'm taking a short break as I figure out this whole "mom of three" thing. I miss you dearly but don't have the energy to do anything productive. Once I return I'll be sure to shamelessly share pictures and anecdotes about our little brood {starting now... see below} along with more recipes, more crafts, more "life-stuff", but until then... it's nap time!

our CJ, Bean and Miss Mak


  1. Your new baby is absolutely gorgeous! Your labor sounds just like my third... It caught me completely off guard, and from start to finish was only about 3 hours. And I screamed for a moment, too! I was so embarrassed! And the same thing happened to me... one minute I was 5 cm and then the next I was 9! And what is with those darn docs and nurses telling us, "Don't push!" when we know that's exactly what we need to be doing?!!? Congrats on the perfect little girl.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to you, Krystle! What an eventful labor and delivery! You are truly blessed with such a beautiful family!

  3. Hi, I found you via One Pretty Thing. Love the bird nest necklace, but I love the labor story even more! What is it about labor stories that is so intriguing? I had my first naturally, and it HURT! Much more than I had bargained for!! For my second I planned on going natural, too, more out of fear of the epidural than anything. But it was so much more painful than the first so I ended up with the epidural. It. Was. Beautiful!! Had I a third baby, I would have asked for the epidural from the moment of conception! Anyway, congratulations! She's beautiful! And Happy Birthday. Love your blog.

  4. Yea! I've been waiting for an update! She's beautiful! Some newborns are not, but she definitely is! Always love a good labor story too...

  5. Thanks so much for sharing!! Sounds like you did great!!! Congrats again! She's beautiful!!! Welcome Caden Joy!

    P.S. I love that you used "Gina" in your commentary. I did as well during my labor, but the paramedic thought I was referring to my friend. ha. :)

  6. Congratulations! hope everything goes well!
    I loved your blog by the way:)

  7. Wow! Congratulations!


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