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30 March 2010

Quick Triangles for Garland or Other Projects

This is most helpful for projects like fabric garland but I'm sure it could be easily used or adapted for other projects

OnE: Measure and cut your fabric. The width of your fabric is not as important as your length so I'm not going to address it right now {just know that most fabric bought at the store is 45" wide} Once you decide your length, you'll want to multiply that number by 4 to get the length of abric you'll need {for my project I found that a flag which was 6"x 7.5" was ideal so I cut my fabric to 42"x 30" then folded it in half and ironed the crease to make it 42"x15"}

TwO: Mark your fabric on the fold and on the opposite end every 6 inches starting from the same end
THrEe: set your straight edge at the open corner of your fabric and match the other end up to the first 6" mark on the folded end... make your cut

FoUr: {without moving any fabric} re-adjust the ruler to match one end with folded corner and the other at the 6" mark on the open end ... cut

FiVe: {again, without moving the fabric} move the ruler to line it with the 6" mark on the folded end and the 12" mark on the open end... cut... and continue working this way until you've made all the cuts you can make on the fabric

SiX: You will notice that you have diamonds left in the middle that aren't triangles... use your straight edge and cut these in half

Ta Da!

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