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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

07 January 2013

Best White Cake & Buttercream Recipes

Tomorrow is Miss Mak's third birthday and we had my side of the family over last night to celebrate with the usual cake and coffee.
I made a similar cake to the one I made for her last year but this time with a different recipe. 

Pinterest, or course, claims this is "the best" so I wanted to give it a shot for myself. It is truly delicious. 
To be honest, I figured one cake is just as good as another as long as the flavor was good but this one was noticeably good in texture and flavor. The recipe is found at Recipe Girl and since I am not exactly the best baker I followed her instructions to the T. It starts with a boxed white cake mix and adds a few things along with a cup of sour cream. It's quick to put together too. I kinda love everything about it.

As for the buttercream recipe, I also found it on Pinterest (originally from Savory Sweet Life) and I picked this one because it was one of the only buttercream recipes I could find that actually used butter and not shortening. You can tweak the measurements just a pinch to get them how you'd like. I stuck with two tablespoons of milk and added the fourth cup of confectioners sugar, in case you were wondering.

I opted for a pink "hombre" cake where each layer became a darker shade of pink. Since Mak's birthday is in January the lighting isn't that grea tbut I did what I could to show you what we had. 
With a quickly growing family, the 21 of us quickly polished off the cake and left not even a crumb for a good pictures in the morning. 
Yes. It was that good.

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