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05 November 2012

Another Reason to Love Coconut Oil

As if I really needed another reason to love coconut oil.
I have been using it for a few years now.
As a matter of fact I have confused many a newbie with all the ways that I use it.
Off the top of my head...
body and facial moisturizer - makeup remover - diaper rash cream - taken with vitamins to enhance absorption - cooking oil for baking - oil for granola - massage oil- deodorant ingredient - frizz tamer
I promise, I could go on for a while.
Anyway... there are two downsides to coconut oil (hey, nobody's perfect!) BUT WAIT! It's okay... I found one solution...

The first problem is that for as moisturizing as coconut oil is, it doesn't do the trick in the cold winters the way I need. Living in New England means temperatures flux and my skin requires a little more hutzpa than coconut oil can offer. For the winters I often use something like Aveeno or homemade lotion bars a friend gave me which both work great!

The second problem (and the reason we are all gathered here today) is that coconut oil solidifies around 76 degrees F so anything cooler than that and I have to literally scrape it out of the jar or melt it on the stove to use. Not impossible, just annoying.
The solution...
You must whip it!
No additional ingredients are required, it's just like scrambled eggs, to get a great texture you need to add air. And the best part is, we keep our house between 63 and 66 in the winter and so far it's stayed soft and easy to use.
I found the original recipe at The Nourished Life and, as usual, tweaked it a little myself which basically just means that you can tweak it to work for you based on what you have handy. The original recipe can be found here (where the above picture is from) or you can take my word for it that this recipe isn't a science and wing it on your own kind of like I did.

What You'll Need:
coconut oil, no specific amount but I did a little over three cups
shea butter (optional), no specific amount but I probably used 2 tbsp
essential oil (optional), I used 20 drops

What To Do:
Place all ingredients into a large bowl. 
Using a stand or hand mixer, whip the oil for 7-8 minutes until light and fluffy. 
Put into container with lid (we buy shallow plastic dollar store lotions with screw on lids, dump the lotion, clean the containers, remove the labels) and use as needed. 

*the coconut oil does not need to be melted. I used it as a room temperature solid mass however if it's too hard it may do a number on your mixer whisk.

*I used 20 drops of lavendar essential oil because we usually use our coconut as moisturizer right before bed and it is usually calming. if you use yours in the morning then grapefruit would be nice pick-me-up or if you use it as a facial toner then tea tree oil could be good as it is antiseptic. It's really up to you. 

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