He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

02 October 2012

Painting Nails with Toddlers

Miss Mak is a girly girl to say the least.
This morning she asked to have her nails painted...
Of course Bean wanted in.
I obliged...
and quickly realized that there are a few good things to stick with when toddler nail painting...

Stick with sheers and "barely-there" colors for this age. Few things look consistently strange to me the way "adult" nail colors look on kids do. I put a super pale pink on Bean and immediately hated it. It was too much for her tiny toes and opted for a sheer instead.

Save yourself by only offering colors you're actually okay with. Thankfully Mak only likes the clear polish with pink sparkles. I let her pick it out while shopping one day which she loved. The sparkle one is an easy one to put on and I highly recommend a clear coat over top to keep the sparkles from being picked off when you aren't looking.

You don't have to paint EVERY nail. Miss Mak still sucks her thumb when she sleeps and the idea of nail polish in her mouth just grosses me out so we skipped her preferred digit.

Drying can be a pain if you have a fidgety kiddo.  Keeping the colors sheer helps with a quick drying time. If you've opted for a thicker color or your munchkin is super antsy, I hear you can dip their nails in cold water for three minutes and it will seal your work.

Make a "thing" of it. Both Mak and Bean seemed to enjoy watching Mommy do her nails (I HATE when I talk in third person!). I look forward to when the girls are a bit older, making a big "to-do" of being girly (watching a girly movie, putting weird stuff in your hear to make it smoother, using homemade facial masks) ... not because I want them to get caught up in aesthetics but because sometimes doing a little something extra can make you feel feminine and I want them to know the value of making yourself appealing to your husband. Thankfully, I have LOADS of time before we get to that part so for now, we paint.

Happy Tuesday, Ladies!

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