He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

11 October 2012

Fall... and What I DON'T Love About It

As a lifelong New Englander, Autumn is, by far, my favorite season.

The fall that I love features opening the door and breathing in the crisp cool morning air, knit sweaters, wool socks, steaming mugs of apple cider and cider donuts, rich vibrant colors of maple leaves and asters, footballs watched with hot stew in hand, and the early sunsets that invite our family inside and under blankets together...
oh yeah...
and for the fall I'm actually living with right now...
It involves things like runny noses, nagging coughs, and an mountain of tissues stacked knee high in the trash....
Yeah... that's where we find ourselves these days.

Miss Mak and Bean have been dealing with coughs that snuck in very quietly on Sunday morning, dropped like bombs on Monday, and haven't let up yet.
Last night was possibly our worst night in the history of "us"...
16 month old Bean began coughing at 12:57 and it didn't relent until well after 2.
Of course, as soon as Bean's cough gave up, Miss Mak woke on the hour every hour wanting me to get her water for her and various other things that are kept WITHIN INCHES OF HER FACE EVERY NIGHT!!

Basically, what these little ladies have is a bad case of post nasal drip which means that there isn't a whole heck of a lot we can do for them. Suppressing the cough may be counter productive since it's working everything out and keeping it loose. Drugs aren't an option because 1. there two small for anything strong and 2. the boogies are clear as can be so there's no infections.
<double cough!>
We have done everything we can think of to do... and that was the point of this whole explanation to begin with...
I wanted to share with you some of the smart, interesting, and downright silly things that I have heard of and some things I've actually been trying just to get these girls the rest their little bodies need.

1. Homemade vaporub under their noses, on their chests, and slathered on their feet.
2. Humidifier running constantly with hydrogen peroxide in the water and eucalyptus oil in the tray.
3. Sitting in the bathroom with the hot water running until the steam clears our their noses.
4. Spoonfuls of honey and grated fresh ginger.
5. Using a aspirator to suck the loose stuff out after number 3.
6. Saline squirts in the nose to dry out the passages a little.
7. Rocking in the rocking chair upright for a period to get everything draining.
8. Trying to get to sleep while propped up with copious amounts of pillows and holding a child over my 34 week preggo belly. {Won't be doing this one again.}
9. Here's where it gets a big weird... placing a bowl of freshly diced onion on the side table. {I heard it works and after days of nasty coughs I've decided to try just about anything.}
10. Placing some of that diced onion between the two layers of socks on their feet.
11. Praying a lot... which I want to add a side note to this one... I am in constant prayer when our babies are sick. CONSTANT. In the past my usual prayer goes something like this...

"Dear Heavenly Father, please stop these coughs so [insert child's name here] can get the rest that they need. Please allow their bodies to do exactly what you've created them to do and if keeping them under the weather is your plan, please, please, PLEASE change the plan! Sincerely yours..." 

Last night, for the first time that I am aware, I opted to go an unusual route which didn't involved asking for healing at all. Instead it was something more like... 

"Dear Father, Thank you for the beautiful babes you have put into our care. Thank you for the many uncounted days that they are normally healthy. Thank you for being sovereign and having a plan for this very day before there was even time. Your mercies are new every morning and your goodness continues through all generations. Amen." 

I say all of that to tell you that not only did I finally fall asleep shortly after {or was it during} this prayer, but I also felt a sincere peace about what was going on by focusing on the big picture of God's goodness to our family rather than the finite moment of this frustration and worry. 

All this is said whilst our sweet girls continue to cough, gag, and hack as they try to nap.
Praying you dodge this in your home! 
Happy Thursday!

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