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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

25 September 2011

A Strange but Useful Tip...

Okay, so I'm not gonna mince words with this one. I warn you now, this may sound very strange but...
apparently breast milk cures just about everything!
It's true. Not only is it a super food for your baby but it also cures pink eye, opens clogged tear ducts, clears nasal congestion, and fixes/staves off ear infections.
Who knew?!
CJ had pink eye as a wee one and a few drops of milk in his eyes several times a day cleared it up without medication.. 
Mak had a blocked tear duct and a few drops on milk in her eyes a few times a day worked to open them up.
Bean has been sick for a week now with a cold and minor ear infection. She has has boogers coming from her nose and eyes and a wet cough from congestion for a week now.
At first I figured her body would work it out after a week since colds last about a week with treatment and about 7 days if left alone. That was until I found out she had an ear infection. I was given some homeopathic pills to help relieve the cold and then, due to the persuasion of a friend, I began to put drops of milk in Bean's ears, while I nursed, and nose, before bed.  Within 24 hours of starting the breast milk treatement, Bean is clearing up and drying out.
It's a miracle!
At first I thought I'd keep this to myself but then realized, if it works, why not share it!?
So there ya have it.
Gross, but good.


  1. I hadn't learned of this until after I was done breast feeding! Maybe next time. My friend squirts a little bit up her child's nose once/twice a day during a normal feeding.

  2. It's like God knew what He was doing ;)

  3. How'd you find out about the ear infection? Or did you just assume? I love these tips! I knew breastmilk was good, but didn't know it was that good!

  4. Jess, a friend recommended that I try. A few mom's have said they put some in baby's ears regularly to keep infections away.


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