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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

30 November 2010

Dishtowel Aprons for Kiddos & You

{You may notice that I'm not offering specific measurements. I'll tell you what I used for my 27 month old but yours will be based on your little one's measurements and the specific towel you use} 

What You'll Need: 
Dish Towel {got mine at the dollar store}
Pre-bought bias tape OR you can easily make your own

What To Do: 
Measure your munchkin from the top of their chest to the middle of their thigh. Cut your towel to length.
{Our towel measured 25"x17" and CJ measured 16" so I cut off 9" 
so I ended up with one16"x17" body piece and one 9"x 17" pocket piece}
 Flip your two pieces over to their "wrong-sides" and lay the pocket piece on top of the larger body piece and line up the edges. Sew a 1/2" seam.
{In our case, I laid the 16"x17" piece face-down and laid my 9
x17" piece face-down on top of it. }
*If you're using bias tape for the top of the pocket...
Sew it into place now across the end of the pocket piece. Fold your edges under to finish the edges.
Fold up your pocket piece and pin it into position. 
Sew up the sides of your pockets and, dividing the pocket into thirds, sew two more lines to create three pockets. 
Measure across your little one's collar bone to get the width of the top of your apron. 
{You may notice I made CJ's a bit wide. I made it a little 
longer in the hopes that it will take him longer to outgrow}
Center your width measurement and mark it at the top of your apron. Draw and cut two lines from the edge of your pocket to the ends of that line. 
If desired, cover the top of your apron with bias tape.
Measure around you peanut's waist, double it.
Cut your bias tape to length and stitch down its length to make a cord. Cut the length in half and stitch onto the back of your apron at the height of your little one's waist.
Then, measure for their neck piece. Cut a piece of bias tape to length and stitch onto the apron at either end of the top of your apron body.
That's it!
{You may find that the next piece is too long, even though you've measured it just right. In that case, consider cutting the neck piece in half and tie it to the right length.}

As for the adult version... 
I cut the fabric for the tie to the length of my waist and doubled it. As for the width, I wanted a medium thick band so I cut it to 7" and folded it in half, right sides together so I ended up with a long thing band. I stitched a 1/4" seam and left a 2" opening to turn. Once turned, I ironed the tube into a long strip, laid it onto one of the long edges of my dishtowel and stitched it into place. 
 The End

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