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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

31 January 2011

I have a decision to make...

To get it out of the way... no, it's nothing serious and yes, I'd love some input.

Fact: Baby Bean will  be here in 4 months. That may sound like a lot but the reality is that time flies and I will be screaming for an epidural in no time!
Fact: Miss Mak is currently in her own room...
Exhibit A:
Fact: Across the hall from Mak is CJ's very own room
A Slightly Outdated Exhibit B:
Fact: Baby Bean needs a home. Miss Mak is moving into big brother's room and I have no idea what to do, if anything, to merge the two monkeys. Oh yeah... and should I do anything to make Baby Bean's room her own? {I'm a HUGE fan of making everybody feel special and I don't want Bean to someday ask my why she didn't get her own room and had to live with Mak's hand-me-down-room. Things like the furniture, paint, and possibly the rug will stay {though I have a couple other rugs I can try out instead}, but I'm wanting to make her her own quilt soon and wondering if I should change curtains or anything else to match and make the room "hers".}


  1. Ok..I'm not the decorator, but could you buy similar letters for Mak like you have for Colin's . You could leave them plain or paint them to match your new decor. Not sure you're really big on "animal themed" rooms (not sure I would be)..but since you like to call them both monkeys, and you've already got grass looking stuff as a border, and browns in the rug..you could do a monkey theme..or just jungle theme in general. You could paint a banana tree on the wall...or cut it out of wood to give it more of a 3-D look. Is the bottom border wallpaper??? Not sure..but if you're keeping that and it's wood or just paint, I would just maybe brighten the color a little. Softer colors are for baby, brighter colors for kids (in my opinion).

    For baby bean's room...depending on how much work you want to do...You could just give it a different color paint, rearrange pics/furniture. You could also re-purpose the curtains and use them to make a crib skirt/crib mattress, possibly even the cover for the changing table. Then you'd have to buy new curtains.

    Oh and you can easily decorate your own lampshades for both rooms to match whatever you decide.

    Ok..that's all I got for now. You're the interior decorator though. I would think your head would be bursting with ideas! Can't wait to see what you decide.

  2. Solution: Put Baby Bean in Brent's office, put Brent, um, hmmm in the garage? This will lead to Brent realizing it's time for a move and you get a whole new house to decorate! hehe

  3. Wow! Thanks, Paige. I like the repurposing idea of the curtains. You've given me some other ideas so now I'll have to sit, again, in both rooms for a while and just stare at the walls until I figure something out :)

    Kelly, I'll pass that on but I highly doubt it's going to go anywhere!


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