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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

03 January 2011

{Breakfast Granola}

I can't speak for anyone but myself here.
I indulged in a bit too much baking {as I'm sure you've assumed} and far too much eating of all the yummy treats.
Thus... we start off the new year with granola.

There are tons of recipes out there with dried fruits and other flavorings but I happen to really like the simplicity of this particular recipe. I pair it with, my favorite, Stony Fields French Vanilla or plain yogurt and a touch of maple syrup.
The way I've made it is with quick oats, as the original recipe calls for but I've had no problem using whole slow cooking oats. Maybe a little more to chew but the flavor is still good.

Breakfast Granola
{no idea where this recipe is from}
What You'll Need: 
1 c quick cooking Rolled Oats
1/2 c shredded coconut {sweetened or unsweetened work}
1/2 c slivered almonds
3 T vegetable oil
2 T honey

What To Do:
Preheat to 350. 
Mix all ingredients well, pour onto a baking pan with sides {I use a jelly roll pan} and bake for 10 minutes. Removed from oven, stir well, and bake for another 10 minutes or until browned. You'll want to watch the last few minutes carefully since it can burn if in too long. {My oven only requires it to bake for about 18 minutes.}Let cool and store in air tight container.
{As you can see, I quadrupled this recipe. I split it up on two pans for baking.}

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