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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

16 September 2010

From Picture Frame to Dry Erase

Fact: dry erase markers work on glass. 
Fact: this means many items in your home are fair game.
Fact: not all things that you can write on will look as good at this.
Rummage through your mom's forgotten things... Stop by a tag sale... Pick through the trash... However you do it, find yourself a picture frame that has glass in tact and needs some love. {...in my case, "thanks, Mom!"}

Now would be a good time to disassemble your picture frame, clean the glass, prime and paint it.
If you have a matte... pick out two fabrics. 
If you don't... pick one. 
Be sure whatever fabric you pick for the background is light and non-distracting so that whatever you write on it will be clearly visible.

For your background/neutral fabric, lay in onto your backboard and cut it to fit. Double sided tape will keep it into place as will rolling single sided tape or you could forget adhering it all-together. Once it's in the frame, it should stay put.

If you do have a matte....
Lay your fabric right side down on your work surface and center your matte, face-down, and tape the outer edges of fabric onto the matte, just to keep it from shifting. 
Cut an "x" through the middle of your fabric so that each point ends in a corner. 
Cut to shorten your side pieces as shown below. 
Tape your fabric back to fit snugly around your matte. 
{Tape may seem flimsy but you're only using it to keep your fabric in place until you reassemble your frame. That should hold everything in place afterward.}
Now it's time to put it all back together. 
Got the frame on the table facing down? 
Did you put the glass back in first? 
Then the mat? 
Is the back in place and secured? 
Well then, you're done!

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  1. Cute and cheap idea. I'm actually probably going to steal this idea. Thanks for sharing your creative mind.


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