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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

28 July 2010


You'll Need:
Fabric A - 15" x 30"
Fabric B - 15" x 30"Pocket Fabric - 9" x 14" {2}
Fabric Yo-Yo {2} Fabric Applique Leaves {4}
Handles - 34" x 4" {4} you can alter the length based on your needsFusible Web/Heat n' Bond
Fusible Interfacing {optional} - 13" x 28"

The Method:
**Be sure to duplicate the steps to make two, identical sides**
OnE: {Pockets} Fold pocket fabric in half so you have a 9" x 7" rectangle, press the seam.

TwO: Stitch the three open sides with a 1/4" seam being sure to leave a 2" opening for turning. Turn and press seams flat. {There's no need to stitch the opening closed, you'll take care of that in the next few steps}. Repeat with second pocket.

{Applique and Yo-Yo} If you are doing the applique flowers on the pockets, now's the time. Iron on the the applique leaves where you'd like {sew around the edges for a little extra "somthin'-something"} and sew the flower into place being sure to stitch through the center.

If you want to top stitch the pocket, go ahead and do that now about 1" below the top of the pocket.

FoUr: Fold your 15" x 30" fabric into a 15" x 15"square and press to create a crease on the folded edge. Open and lay on table.

FiVe: Lay your pocket piece into position. Measure 1/4" up from the bottom of the pocket and place a pin to mark your spot.

{top of the bag }

SiX: Using the bottom of the pocket as your pivot point, flip the pocket over. Pin the bottom of the pocket into place and sew using a 1/4" seam. Fold the pocket back into position and press to crease the bottom of the pocket. {This will ensure your pocket doesn't pucker in the next step.}

SeVeN: Stitch up both sides of the pocket and leave the top open. For this, I prefer to do a tight zig-zag stitch close to the top to reinforce the pocket so it doesn't peel off over time and a running stitch for the rest. {Oops! I forgot to take pictures for the next couple of steps. I'll improvise, hope it works!}

EiGhT: I decided to divide the pocket to make room specifically for a cell phone. {I HATE fishing around for mine in a big bag}. About 4" from one side of the pocket, stitch another
line to create the divide.
NiNe: Once both pieces of fabric have their pockets sewn on, it is time to add the interfacing, if you'd like to use it for added stability. Place the interfacing, with the shiny side down, onto one of the 15" x 30" pieces an inch from all sides and iron into place. Now fold the two pieces of 15" x 30" fabric in half so they are 15" x 15" squares. Sew up the sides and leave the top open.

At the corners of the two 15" x 15" squares, make a point at the corners
like shown below. Measure in 1 1/2" from the point and draw a line. Pin into place. Sew on the line. Then snip your corner about 1/2" from the seam. These will create a flat bottom for your bag.

EleVeN: {Handles} Take all four of your handle strips and do the following... Step 1: fold your strips in half lengthwise and press. Step 2: Unfold them and fold the sides in towards the crease and press. Step 3: Fold in half and press again so you have a long "v" shape.

TWelVe: Cut your fusible web into two strips that are the width of your handle
minus 1/4" and the length of your handles minus 1". {Example: My handles, once folded and ironed were 1" x 34" so I cut two strips of fusible web to 3/4" x 33".} Iron them down the length of two of your handle pieces.

ThIrTeEn: This part is kind of hard to explain so check out the bottom right picture {above} for reference... Take one strip with webbing and one without. Lay the piece with the webbing down on the table with the "webbed" part facing up. Peel off the paper of the webbing. Place the strip without the webbing in position so that its opening is on the o
pposite side of the opening on the bottom piece. Using a hot, dry iron, press these to pieces together, doing your best to keep the two strips aligned. Repeat this to make your second handle.

FoUrTeEN: Sew down both sides of your handles 1/4" from the edges.

We're down to the final steps! Time to assemble!

FiFteEn: Turn one side of your bag inside out. Place the other bag inside so that the right sides are together.
SiXteEN: Stick your handles in between the two bags and position your handles 2" in from either seem and 2" exposed out of the bag like shown below. Pin into place.

SeVeNTeEn: Stitch 1/2" around the top of the bag leaving 3" to turn.

EiGhTeEn: Turn. Press. Top Stitch at 2-3 varying lengths to finish it off.

Whew! You are done! Enjoy!

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