He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart;
he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

06 March 2013

This Sick Day Brought to You By...

Hubs is on day 5 of being under the weather. He was able to go back to work yesterday but was exhausted by lunch time.
Miss Mak went to bed with a fever last night and has been on the couch and napping on and off all morning.
I have been dumping probiotics, omega-3s, and bone broth into the kids like it's my job; washing hands until my hands beg for lotion; and avoiding sugar like it's the plague.
So far, it's just a fever for Mak and exhaustion for Hubs, but I feel a little off as though my body is waiting for everyone else to get better so it can fall apart.
We are surviving though and I felt it necessary to give a few shout-outs for making sanity possible this week...

PBS, without your constant streaming of child friendly, educational shows (except for Barney. I am NOT thankful for Barney). I'd have nothing left to offer my couch-bound baby and her 22 month old-driving mommy nuts with her whining-sister without you.
Bleach, Vinegar, and the Washing Machine, for obvious reasons.
Two crockpots, with which I can keep perpetual broth a'boilin' in and still make an easy dinner at the same time. 

Pinterest and the homemade saltine recipe I found on it, with all the soup and broth I've been pumping into our family Hubs has become weary and needed a little extra something to sink his teeth into. Rather than sending him to the store and endangering countless healthy individuals I found this recipe and within thirty minutes had something that tastes a lot like the "real thing" and with ingredients I could pronounce. (Recipe to come).
Preschool, who took my four year old off my hands for four hours today and limited his exposure to his three year old sister who can't help but want to play with big brother.
This little dude's face, which I could stare at for hours as he coos and tells me about his life's plans. I melt at the sight of this double chinned beauty. He makes every day seem "not so bad" even now, in the midst of his growth spurt that has him up every two hours, day and night.
Coffee, my little piece of heaven that I enjoy during nap time when the whole house is asleep. That's right. Four kids. One nap time. God is good!
And that's that.
I hope you're all well as the sick season ends and the disinfection sunshine returns!!!

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