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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

17 September 2012

Tag Sale Love!

Tag Sale. Garage Sale. Yard Sale. Rummage Sale. Buying Someone Else's Junk.
Call it what you will.
You can find some great deals if you keep your eyes open, are willing to stop at a place that looks like it only has junk, and take just a minute to actually look at what people are selling.
Today was no excpection.
Every Saturday morning Hubs and I pack up the munchkins and go to our favorite local breakfast place.
On the ten minute drive home we almost always have our eyes peeled for tag sales.
(Well... I do because I love the idea of the unfound treasure and Hubs does because he loves me.)

This weekend the kids and I found a lovely little home who had so much stuff out in the driveway I assumed they were moving. That's usually a great sign. I quickly discovered that this mamma was just dying to get stuff off her hands and, had I pushed her enough, would have likely paid me to take the entire stock off her hands in one fell swoop.THIS, my friends, is the best sign of all. So good, in fact, that I wanted to share my treasure with you as an encouragement to keep your eyes peeled as the fall season comes and tag sales start popping up again.
So let's tally...
Polish pottery (tea pot, pitcher, casserole dish, two bowls, a square serving dish, creamer, and sugar bowl)
Bumbo for Baby J
Tupperware Shape Ball
2 unopened 100 piece Toy Story puzzles
Total Spent: $22.00 (yes, that's twenty-two point zero zero)

And this wasn't our first great find of the year...

2 booster seats for the car (4 year olds and up) for $5 a piece
Original C9 Christmas lights, enough for the entire house
Vintage glass ornaments for the tree
and don't' forget about the thrift store finds when the tag sales are over...
Remember this? 
I also want to throw out that I think tag sales and things like it can be great for kids!
A few times I have given the kids fifty cents or a dollar to get what they'd like. They learn about the value of money and it's their first step into economics.
Plus, sometimes kids get lucky because they're so darn cute. Miss Mak has walked away with a full sized doll stroller and CJ with several puzzles, games, and a Leap Frog Spanish/English matching game.
I also am partial to sales where the parents give their kids a spot of their own to sell their own items of their choosing and let them pick their prices (which are usually more than fair).

"Tag Saling" is something my mom and I used to do together and I am really excited to have my kids doing it along with me!

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