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21 March 2012

Quick CLoset Shelf

We have a handy closet near the kitchen that I've dubbed at my appliance and hardware closet. 
As I said, it's handy and good sized but had only one shelf so once I purchased my handy-dandy bread maker {for $5 from Goodwill} I needed some more storage. 
I measured the width of the back of the closet, cut a 1x4 to length, then drew a level line 3/4" down from where I wanted the top of the shelf to be. I drew a level line across the back of the closet at that height and screwed the board so the top of it was flush with my line.
Next, I measured the side walls of the closet from the front of the closet to the board I just screwed into place. After subtracting 1/2 and inch {for wiggle room, you don't need a snug fit here} from that length, I cut two more pieces of my 1x4. 
This time I only placed the side boards and eyeballed the correct height but still checked to be sure they were level and screwed them into place.
I then cut a 1x12 board down to the width of the back of the closet minus 1/4" and rested it on the 1x4s 
{I didn't screw the shelf into place for easy removal if needed.}
I added a small plastic drawer unit to organize my tools and "ta-da!" ..done!
Wasn't that easy?


  1. I love your blog....so creative and so handy....great job

    Aunt Lynn

  2. You are very handy, I think I need you to come to my house :)


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