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15 November 2011

Kids' Bath ... Finishing Details

If you don't remember what the kids' bath looked like when we moved in, it was a smidge yellow and bit "blah" so I painted it bright blue and added a few kid-friendly things. And recently I added another "layer" of funk to it. I originally painted the walls Sherwin Williams "Upward" in a semi-gloss. This time around, I added stripes of the same color in a flat finish.
A wonderful help was that I didn't need much so I used a sample paint that cost me $2.94 and got all the stripes done!
The result?
A very subtle but fun twist for the kiddos.

Wanna see how?
I first figured out how many lines I wanted.
I picked 7 so I divided my length {ceiling to the top of the baseboard} by 7. I ended up with a little under 13 and, to save my sanity, went with 12 and 7/8s and went from the ceiling down figuring it'd be least noticable down there .
I used a level and a pencil to get my lines straight and taped the whole thing off. {I put a few dots of tape on the lines I wasn't painting assuming momma brain would rear its ugly head.}
I made sure to put the tape under the pencil line so the paint would cover the line.
I also made the extra step of putting mod podge on the tape to create a clean line. This step is unnecessary but did get me a crisp line. I figure, if you're careful and have quality tape, you can do without it.
 When pulling the tape away, pull down and away from the line otherwise you risk peeling the paint off.
{This was learned first hand.}
 And there you have it!
I do need to go back and touch up a few places where the pencil wasn't covered but I love the result.
My last step is to print out a colorful word art picture I made in Picnik.
So close!


  1. I love this bathroom and the color! I'm about to use SW Upward in my son's room but I can't decide whether to use flat or satin finish. It seems that the color appears lighter in the satin finish - is this correct?

    thanks so much for your help!

  2. I actually think the color comes out darker with the satin and lighter with the flat. It's usually recommended to go with an eggshell or satin in a bedroom, especially if your son is younger, because flat paint is harder to remove marks and stains from. Thanks for checking in!


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