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he gently leads those that have young
. {Isaiah 40:11}

17 March 2011

Other People's Genius {Color Palette}

funky cool colors, great for a kid's room or, well... any room.
i love the white furniture with the natural floors and shades

go monotone in any color but mix it up with different shades and patterns
i'd love to see this in Miss Mak's or Baby Bean's room 
{if only Hubs would let me near a paint can}

i usually think of pre-school rooms and oversized alphabet cards when i think of primary colors.
not anymore! this color scheme could be used anywhere around the house...like a kitchen! 
{just stick with a neutral background}

can't pick just one color? 
maybe you don't have to!
{the above two pictures from decorati0n.net}

 i'm not gonna lie. my favorite color is green and i am starting to think that i love it to a fault.

this is a great example of using the color wheel to help with color schemes.  orange and green are both secondary colors and work beautifully together if done in the right shades.
{from Country Living}

 believe it or not, white can be done without looking like you can't decide on what to do
{i don't recommend this in kid friendly zones}

neutral doesn't have to be boring, either.
pops of color through windows, pattern, or plant life can really warm up a nearly white space.
 this is the same house as above. you get a chance to really appreciate "star pieces" like the pillow fabric or the antique table and chair when nothing else is clogging your view. i love the simplicity of it all... imagine a world without clutter.  hello, pipe dream!

admittedly, i'm far more an "au naturel" {browns and greens} type than i am a "glamour girl" {black and white}but good design is good design and there are few things more classy and glamourous than mirrors, high gloss finishes, crystals and a stark black and white contrast. 
maybe in another life. 

... see what i mean about the mirrored finishes? 
you can get the same effect with silver-leaf or high gloss metallic spray paint.

this would be an easy theme to copy.
the pale yellow and aged teal from the rug are easy to find in fabrics, rugs and paints

one of the most common color schemes i run across is burgundy, olive green and gold. 
this can be very warm and inviting and, at the moment, super easy to find.

if you like mellow and very VERY neutral, Martha may have what you're looking for.
i'm a huge fan of  her grays and earth tones but sometimes her designs get a bit too "dingy" looking for me. 
i love the international/eclectic vibe of this room.  it's gender neutral and would be easy to duplicate by using simple neutral base pieces and adding fun fabrics to change it up.

feeling non-committal? here's another neutral based room with pops of color. just switch out the drapes and pillows and you've got a whole new look.

and finally... i'm not usually a pink lover but i really like how this room is done. 
you could easily switch out any single color for the pink and mix it up with different patterns and shades
hmm... how about an apple green? yum!



  1. I want those curtains, pillows, and blanket in the first picture!

  2. Yup. My favorite too! So fresh, especially for someone who dearly misses spring!


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